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Singapore 6-8 Dec 2006

Glad to be home from Singapore. Flight was delayed about 35mins and MAS did not announce nor even apologise... as usual...

I was there for OSEA2006 Gas Recovery Conference and stayed at Conrad Centennial Singapore at Suntec. It was my first time there and I must say that service is top there. Staff were friendly and went the extra mile. On top of that, I was pleasantly surprised with a box of chocolates and a Christmas bear in the room.. Usually, it's just the fruit basket for business hotels unless one booked for honeymoon package and such.. And I love the rubber ducky in the bathroom.. I am such a kid...

Rubber Ducky
Little Touches...

6/12/2006 Lunch - Golden Peony Restaurant

I arrived just in time for lunch... decided to just eat at the hotel instead of looking around for food as I was extremely hungry. I went to Golden Peony Chinese Restaurant. They were full and I had to make do with a table outside.

Golden Peony proved to be an excellent choice as food was very delicious and their dim sum had a unique twist to them. Also, impeccable service - fearing I was going to be bored waiting for foof to arrive, the service stff offered me magazines to read - and those that I like too!
Scallop and Shrimp Dumpling - chock full of crab roe on a huge scallop which was seated on "inari"/Japanese tofu filled with sharksfin
Radish Cake - soft, fluffy and fragrant - portion is big though
The ever popular "har gow" or prawn dumpling - with diced kai lan - the kai lan added the right crunchiness to the otherwise firm shrimps
"Har gow" exposed
Deep Fried Shrimp, Rock Melon and Banana Combo... Juicy delight! Batter was light and not oily - Perfect!
Deep Fried Shrimp, Rock melon and Banana exposed
Sharksfin Dumpling Soup... Soups are always a welcome for hungry stomachs
Sharksfin Dumpling Soup exposed
Dessert - Soup of aloe vera cubes with diced mango, strawberry and sweet basil seeds - camomile jelly and a tiny glass of calamansi juice were given with compliments to refresh and cleanse the palate before dessert

6/12/2006 Dinner - Crystal Jade Jiang Nian Restaurant, Takashimaya

I went with my 2 other colleagues from Singapore and we just allowed the "captain" to suggest... very knowledgeable about the menu and we were pleased with his choices.
Flat Glass Noodles with Crabmeat - such silky smooth noodles with plenty of fresh crabmeat! Truly a welcome for crab lovers.
Shrimps strifried with salted egg yolk - the custardy salty egg yolk balances the sweetness of the shrimps
Bacon with Baby Chinese Lettuce - the gravy flavoured by the combo of heavy bacon and delicate lettuce taste was amazing!

"3-cup Chicken" - I think the "3-cup" represents the equal amount of sesame oil, soya sauce and rice wine. The rest are bell peppers, potatoes, onions, ginger, garlic etc. - Delicious - taste like homemade soya sauce chicken with the rice wine adding a hint of fragrance - best to go with white rice, in my opinion. Simplicity at its best!
Half of a hairy crab which I shared with Sharon - did I say that I love crab roe? Such creamy and juicy flesh.... Mmmmm....
Dessert - Egg white puff filled with red bean - didn't quite enjoy it as it has an "egg-y" taste and I happen to not like eggs so much. The rest loved these though
Shanghai pancake - these are very well-made. Not oily and the skin was just right - not overtly thick like most
My favourite!! Glutinous rice balls with black sesame paste in ginger soup...

7/12/2006 Lunch - Renn Thai restaurant at Suntec Mall
Very poor service (due to lunch crowd but still... they should have thought about this point) but food was better than average. Crabmeat in shell was sold out - have to try some time.... Tom yam goong! SHIOK!!!
Green mango salad
I forgot to take pics of phad thai and stuffed chicken wings!

7/12/2006 Dinner - The Wine Company at Evan

Went to The Wine Company at the suggestion of my boss since our agent from Taiwan was also in Singapore.

Cod in soya and mirin sauce - it would have been a great dinner of the fish was fresh
Grilled salmon steak
Sampler Platter - smoked salmon, samosa, some beef thingy, liver pate with black peppercorns - I didn't try the beef and samosa and the liver pate was not so fresh

The greatest boo-boo was when they brought us our main course and the platter later.. we had no choice but to eat our mains first since they were hot dishes... and when we were done, we were not enthusiastic at all with the appetiser.

Also, staff were nowhere to be seen when needed. Service has to be improved. Menu was limited.

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