Monday, January 30, 2006


At the end of it, her heart was racing and she was sweating...

She turned and looked at the body laying beside her, breathing softly. In the dark, she could still see the strong, muscular outline. She felt so much love. Yet then, she felt so much fear too. She reached out to caress the beautiful head resting peacefully on the pillow but stopped herself.

She didn't want to wake him.

She was confused. She wanted to talk. But, it wasn't the right time.

She closed her eyes and tried not to think too much and slowly drifted off to sleep.

She woke up not long after the sun was up. It was a bright day. The place beside her was empty. As usual, she rolled over and buried her face in the vacant pillow. The mix of Bulgari Aqua and his masculine smell turned her on.

He had got up before her.

She took a cold shower and got dressed.

He came in not long after. Such a beautiful sight to behold. Five o'clock shadow and smile crinkles at the corner of his eyes. They hugged and she kissed him goodbye. Then, she left.

As she was driving, she tried to shake off the images in her mind. However, the visions stubbornly lingered throughout the day.

It was a day of celebration - yet she felt so alone and lonely despite the din of the merry-making. Of children playing and laughing, men and women chatting, eating and drinking. There were cookies and cakes, nuts and beers and the ubiquitous mandarin oranges. But, everything tasted like sawdust to her.

It was a hard day. She was tired from trying to fake smiles and laughs. The sweltering heat didn't help either. Her new clothes were sticking to her skin.
She was terribly uncomfortable.

She was glad when everything was over and she could go home.

Home was peaceful and quiet. She loved being alone. Yet, she longed for his strong arms. She always feels so safe in his embrace. He would hold her close to his heart, lock her in his arms and make her feel better.

Yes, she would tell him about her nightmare.....

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