Wednesday, February 15, 2006

In Memory of Stephane

Stephane, we have met so briefly
Yet I was touched deeply
By your strong silent presence
Am really sad now to feel your absence
What a tragedy!

I will always remember
The strawberries and sugar
dessert which you made
And, the half marbled cheesecake

Spiced and peppered with your humour...

Had I known before I left
That we never again will meet
I would have told you that I was glad to meet you
And instead of a handshake, I would have hugged you
May you rest in peace.

ROAD CRASH:French engineer Audre Luc Stephane, 39, of Johor, and Chan Yoo Chong, 61, of Gopeng, were killed when their vehicles collided at 46km of the Pos Slim-Kampung Raja Road near Cameron Highlands about 3.30pm on Sunday.
The Star 14 February 2006

Till today, I still feel like it was a dream...

Makes me appreciate people even more. One never knows what happens next.

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