Sunday, January 22, 2006

Guinness Code Black Party

Had a swell time at Velvet Underground with Barry - who else? :o)

Though booze wasn't that interesting..unanimous blah from our group, the music was awesome! Rabbit performed too. Who cares about booze? Am not much of a drinker and Barry doesn't drink except the ice+H2O used to mix drinks. Kinda glad that he doesn't drink and smoke.

Others at the party were Liam, Brandyn, Chris, Augusta, Elsa, Mark, Jason and Paule. Barry looked good with the new shirt he bought from Australia. The girls Augusta, Brandyn and Elsa looked great too! All of us were in black keeping to the theme of the party. As you have guessed it, there were a few rebels as usual who turned up in all other colours. Was also introduced to Jeff and Dian. Sweetest people ever with the sweetest smiles. Too bad no camera. Would be great to capture the moment.

Jason and Paule came slighly late and were casual in sandals. So, Jason had to buy a pair of black socks at entrance and wore them with his sandals. He was lifting his pants and showing everybody the new look. Haha. A fashion faux pas only Anton would commit, I said to him. Aiyo! Me so bad...

Like I have said, music was great. I was told it was house. I categorise music into two : Classical and Other. Haha. Lots of dancing. Liam and Mark with their unique dance styles. Paule with her flexible moves. Barry with his Dance-Stop-Wipe Forehead-Repeat routine. Saw some lesbian-ish erotic moves. Fun to watch. Errr..I mean, fun to watch everybody dancing.

I think I danced (while observing the people...hehe) nearly the whole time (reached there at 11am and left about 2.30am). I don't really care much about dance styles. I just made sure I moved my limbs and butt. Thank goodness for good shoes from HUE Singapore. No sore legs nor feet despite the 3-inch super narrow stillettos.

I was also testing how far the bra cups from Australia could stay on my boobies too. They miraculously stuck on till I came home despite the sweating. Thumbs up!! Gotta get more of them. No need to worry about strapless bras slipping down to my tummy.

The best part about going out Saturday night : Ramly burger supper!! We made a mad rush back to Sunway cos the last time we reached there at 3am, all the burgers were gone!!! Let me tell you this : It ain't easy sleeping on an empty tummy.

So, left 1 beef burger patty. Only chicken ones left. Barry had to settle for 2 double chicken special burgers and I got the single beef special burger. Nice! I gave 1/4 to him though because I ate too much Lok Lok while waiting for burgers to be ready. Grossed the Canadians out with my choice of intestine, century eggs and clams sticks (yummy yummy). Then, wolfed down the burger with aloe vera bits/apple juice. Aaahh...satisfaction guaranteed!

Then , I went home about 3.45am to my puppy who, as always, was waiting patiently on the couch arm by the window. I had told my neighbour about coming home late and at midnight, she sms-ed me to say Claudia is fine and is sleeping on the couch.

Aaaww..Bless my neighbour, so sweet of her.

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