Thursday, January 26, 2006

Customer Service....

Update 28 Jan 2006 :

Canon did well by replacing the LBP3200 with PIXMA IP5200 . Oh well, I am destined to have a colour printer. They sent the replacement printer to my office. Thus, I did'nt need to get into the crazy jam-packed Mid Valley Megamall. Very kool! Thumbs up!

I detest being thought of as meek... being humble is OK but not meek. So, I can be very mean when faced with bad purchase or service.

No, I don't lose my temper and curse and shout like a woman gone mad.

Read on for my success story......

Buying an LV bag from France is a smart way of losing one's money. That was what I did last June in Paris. I bought Batignolles Vertical, the latest design at that time. I was a happy camper with the less 40% as compared to KL price.

A week later, my happiness proved to be short-lived. Yes, for that price, one has to be enjoy the bag till death do us part. It was not the case in my relationship with this Mr Louis Vuitton's spawn. To my horror, the glue at the strap failed and the leather gaped like an anchovy died while gasping for air. Definitely a no-no from a company with such a great reputation for excellent quality and craftsmanship.

Oh well. Off to KL Starhill I went to the only LV Boutique in whole of Malaysia despite being a country where the Datins and Tai-Tais are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Probably the rich also get theirs from LV Petaling Street. Anyway, I hugged my dear sick bag for awhile and left it at LV Starhill to be diagnosed.

I received a call a day later from LV. Bad news. They will just repair and shut the gaping leather.

Hell. No way was I gonna accept anything less than a replacement for less than a week of gentle-2X-and-no-more-than-one-hour-only use. So, I insisted on a replacement. The LV guy commented that I should have checked properly at LV Paris before leaving the premise. I said : OK. I am not going to argue with you over the phone. May I have your name please? Mr Oh-I-Am-So-Good-Looking-But-I-Sell-Purse? See you soon then.

I wrote him a fax with a copy to his manager (which I called another time to get). In my letter, I stated that Mr Oh-I-Am-So-Good-Looking-But-I-Sell-Purse (Barry went with me the 2nd time to LV and saw this guy and coined this name) has no faith in the quality of LV products. That this has shattered my confidence because even LV staff acknowledged that the QA/QC control of LV is not 100% perfect. That this does not reflect well on the company and its products. That I am certain that the bag is really defective and that I insist on an immediate replacement.

Not more than 15 mins after the fax went through, my handphone sang my favourite song. The manager called. He was nice (but I believe he was seething) and asked me to come anytime to collect my new bag.

Oh! What a feeling! I felt really great being able to stand up for myself.

Now, I am faced with a new case. Canon Printer LBP3200. The driver cannot be installed at all onto my laptop. I tried. The Canon technician came 4X within a week. Still no success. Bummer.

I wrote them a fax that I want another replacement model or money back. CC Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

Watch this space for the outcome....

Come on people! Speak up when faced with bad service or products. Don't live with it and feel small being faced with bad service.

Go kick some bad asses!!!!

Karen, Konsumer from Hell ;op

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