Wednesday, June 04, 2008

French Night at Elsa and Beth's

Elsa and Beth hosted "French Night" just last Sunday. Before, there had been a tapas night, Italian night and so on at their place.

This time, I chose the starter and soup, Elsa made the main course and Beth went for the dessert.

At Elsa's suggestion, I took up the challenge to make pissaladiere. After checking the recipes available, I decided to make 2 versions : one with thin crust pizza dough and the other, with pate brisee.... I didn't try the puff pastry version as it would take up too much time as I have not the confidence yet to tackle making puff pastry from scratch.

I topped them both with caramelised 1 kg of thinly sliced onions (which I added cassis liquer to perfume), nicoise olives and anchovy slices. I also added some sliced peppers just for the colour and taste.

Thin crust pizza dough version.

Pate brisee version

Verdict : Personally, I prefer that with pate brisee for that melt in the mouth feeling but it can be difficult to eat with all those crumbs.

My courgette soup - I am in love with courgettes.
Elsa made haricot verts with almond slivers to go with beef bourguignon
Elsa's beef bourguignon which consumed a whole bottl e of red wine, lots of shrooms and caramelised shallots.
And also mashed potatoes
Beth's crepe suzette with plenty of zest and grenadine and vanilla ice-cream!

We were all so stuffed at the end of dinner but it was so satisfying esp. with the wines that went with the meal.


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