Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bachelorette Part III : Girls meet Boys....

In another part of the city, Supergroom was busy saving the day...
Chilling the beer (thanks Mike Owen for the pic)
Lighting up a cig (Pic from Mike Owen)
Nuking dinners..... (Pic from mike Owen)
The boys meet the girls at the end of the night......
Me with the boys (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Group pic with almost everyone (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Girls just wanna have fun (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Me & Elsa (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Beth & Tim (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Rani, Marc-Andre and Sai (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Jenn, Beth and Bob (Pic from Stacy Koh)
Laura & Leon (Pic from Stacy Koh)
It was a real fun and funny night thanks to our friends who planned and brought the whole evening to life.

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Anonymous said...

was googling my time away n found your site. nice pics...

- stacy (hehe)