Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sin Kee Restaurant, Batu Caves

OK, I have to admit that my sense of direction is not that sharp - it always takes me 2 to 3 (sometimes more) times longer to get to a place because I get lost ever so often.

Hence, it is always a welcome when friends offer to give a ride to food places which are new to me.

We just came back from quite a reasonably-priced seafood restaurant - Sin Kee in Batu Caves. I have been to Batu Caves area like less than 3 times in my whole life.

Thanks to Sashe who picked Barry and me up to meet Priya and hubby at TTDI for pre-dinner drinks - they then brought us to the restaurant - a new bottle of whisky and the bottle of unfinished wine tagged along.

White prawns in a wickedly delicious herbal broth of dried wolfberries, green onions and ginseng - I was lierally lapping up the soup. Prawns were fresh and went well with the special cili padi, green onion, ginger dip. Very shiok! Barry even peeled for me a prawn so that I can try it out asap. Bless my man.
Sweet potato leaves stirfried with belacan - one of my favourite vegs. It was nicely done with the stems still slightly crunchy.
Mah Yau Yee (Threadfin) with tofu - fish was so fresh and sweet! Picture is ugly because I was enjoying the prawns and half the fish was gone when I thought of taking photos. Fish was about 10-11 in/25-27cm long
We also ordered 3 crabs, Kam Heong style - they were not as huge nor as meaty as De Foodland nor Crocodile Farm's crabs but they definitely has a natural sweetness. The sauce was redolent of dried shrimps and there was one female crab - the roe was utterly delicious! We didn't even need a hammer since the crabs were well-smashed and the sweet flesh soaked up the Kam Heong sauce.
Photo of the shop-front so that I can remember how it looks like should I wish to return....

All food above with white rice and 3 Coke to mix whisky with came up to RM168.

Got below address from internet :
Restoran SIN KEE
Telephone : 03-6189 7972

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