Sunday, August 26, 2007

King Crab Restaurant - Dim Sum

I dragged Barry up by 7.45am today for dim sum breakfast - we actually declined an invite to see midnight show Rogue Assassin (Chris Rollo, one of Barry's buds in Vancouver is in it - I have been joking with Barry to have Chris get Jason Statham to sign my autograph) last night to wake up early for this after reading the King Crab Restaurant dim sum review of Masak-masak . Her pictures of avocado puffs looked very inviting.

We reached there at 8.30am and after 9am onwards, more and more tables were taken up and the place was pretty full by 9.30am when we left. Parking was easy with all other shops at the area closed. Cheung Fun with char siew - Rice Rolls with BBQ Pork - very smooth and silky - Barry loved it. Wu Kok - Taro Dumplings
Avocado Puff Rolls - RM8 for a serving of 3 pieces
Look at the beautiful green shade of the avocado cream.. subtly sweet with such crispy, puffy skin made of delicate strands of pastry - surprisingly not oily despite being fried.

Xiao Long Bao - though skin a bit on the thicker side, the soup within the dumpling was tasty - I would think that it was made of real stock as drops of it gelatinised on my plate.
Beef tripe - I love "spare parts", so I like this a lot esp. dipped in their chilli sauce - I detected some cartillage amongst the tripe pieces.
Siew Mai
Scallop dumplings
Stuffed eggplant similar to those you get from yong tow foo - what we like about this is the generous amount of fish paste.

I have a preference of fried dim sum over steamed ones - so, generally I liked the wu kok and avocado puffs best (though can't take too much at a sitting because of the rich creamy taste) while Barry prefers steamed stuffs.

A little disappointing since dessert was not available - maybe we were too early or maybe they do not have it during weekends - my Cantonese is not that good so had a bit of communication difficulty.

Since the wu kok, avocado puffs, egg tarts and fried sesame balls (with pandan lotus paste filling) were lovely to look at and are ok to be eaten at room temperature, I ta pau-ed for mom and she loved them.

The bill came up to about RM90 for 12 items + jasmine tea for 2, towels and steamed peanuts (ironically, I prefer steamed peanuts over the fried ones).

King Crab
No. 103-105, Jalan SS25/2
Petaling Jaya

Tel No: 03 - 7808 2388


boo_licious said...

Glad you liked the food. I had the desserts during the weekday so no idea if it's not available during the weekend though.

Diary of Kay El said...

Called King Crab today to find out for sure about the desserts (I think there is a Cantonese saying "Water down, stones appear")- apparently chef said weekends to busy, so don't want to make desserts.

mama bok said...

Very cheap.. and good food..!! i have to come home soon. eh..??

Diary of Kay El said...

I guess thats why am sharpening cooking skills now - may come in handy IF we do stay in Canada for good one day... If you come back even if for hol, drop me a mail...

mama bok said...

For sure.. !! Afterall we have one thing incommon.. spouses from Canada.. ;)