Sunday, July 09, 2006


Haven't been blogging for quite awhile....blame it on laziness in the guise of busi-ness.

Many things happened in between end-February and now. Below are the highlights and lowlights (not necessarily in chronological order) :

1. Lotsa travelling... major trip was to Europe early June for 2 weeks... a close gf came with me - we covered Amsterdam, Brugge, Brussels, Charleroi (due to me having to work), Paris, Lyon (only me cos I had to work) and Venezia! And we parted ways in Amsterdam. Gf came home to KL and I went to Dubai to do more work.

Weather changed from 3 to 5 deg C when we arrived to 31 deg C 2.5 days later... We went from being frozen to being baked. And Dubai was like 45 to 46 deg C. Poor me... my hair has been like straw since I returned home 18th June.

Pictures speak 1000 words (actually am lazy-lah). Need to wash hair soon - am using L'occitane Hairl Oil - have enough exxxtra virgin olive oil in it to cook spaghetti aglio olio. So, here are some pictures :


We were smiling not because of the museum - we were too happy to get out of the plane. Flying for 13hours is literally a pain in the ass!

Showing this pic to illustrate how good Nikon S5 is.

Have to show at least one canal pic...

MAS Building...


Great gardens.

Beautiful details at the doorway of a cathedral.

Manneken Pis - the symbol of Brussels just like the Little Mermaid to Copenhagen.

Restaurants are in abundance at and near Grand Place but they mainly cater to tourists. Want to know good ones? Ask me. LOL.

Grand Place at night is simply breathtaking. One has to see it both in the day time and at night. The place feels different when illuminated.


The hat Shio (gf) is wearing belongs to the old musician - it's really heavy, mind you...esp. when I had to crank the machine at the same time while wearing the hat after her.

Symbols of Catholicism are predominant.... above the water tap... on walls....everywhere is baby Jesus and Mary... and the words "Ave Maria"...

Amazing buildings!!!

Post-Amsterdam Behaviour

Kiddo Karen at the toyshop...

More canals.... Brugge is after all...Venice of the North.

Pasar pagi - Street market

Art imitates Life... Horses are everywhere on the streets of a very medieval vibe...but these days, they are for tourists...but, the horsemen are generally superlengchai! Can't say the same about "horsewomen". They are at the opposite end of the continuum.

Another canal..... but with swans and mallard ducks...

Cute, eh?

CHARLEROI - It's for work, so not many pictures....

Restaurant in Charleroi where I lunched.

PARIS (Been here many times, so not many pictures - purpose : only transit point to the next workplace and to quickly buy an LV bag for the lady who runs the cafe at my office building)

The all-time favourite shopping street in Paris

The all-time favourite shopping haunt in Paris

No picture for Lyon (WORK!!!)

We went el cheapo to fly to Venice - Ryan Air. Very similar to Air Asia but in Euros and they charge a fee for every checked-in luggage and also a fee for using credit card to book the tickets.

The airport was like a ghost town - we were like 3 hours early.

Getting ready to jetty to Venice.

The night before Venice - was sick.

When in Rome....


Pasta Mania

St Mark's Square


Rialto Bridge

Windows in Venice

Murano Island

This guy just popped into the picture!!!! My 1st picture in Murano Island!!!


I couldn't get my own camel - had to share - don't ask me who this guy is - we just happened to share a camel.


Desert safari - riding the dunes

Desert sunset

Sweaty me - sweat running down my asscrack

Holy X-rated!!!! Feeding baby, not blow job. It may not be legal there.


Milking time....

2. House got broken into... Sob!!!

Gone are my laptop (company one), my 6 months old Nikon S1 from bf, 2 Boheme collection Montblance pens (1 fountain and 1 ballpoint), Coach watch and my big coins from 2 piggy banks. What I was most upset with is the attitude of police on this - no feedback at all!!!! I wonder why am I paying so much tax. In Hokkien, the term used is chia liao bee (rice is wasted in feeding).

Anyway, got new laptop the next day (otherwise cannot work!). Got a 1.6kg lightweight baby compared to the previous 3.1kg brick and got new camera (upgraded somemore to Nikon S6 - thanks so much B!!!).

But sadly, no watch, no pens and no cash replaced.....

Am glad though that this happened while I was out and poopy was out. But the creepy thing is that a) I have been watched and b) My space had been violated.

So, peeps, just be careful with your home too... They (I assume > 1 person) came in via the kitchen window because our neighbours have dogs out at front. Never think that if you have grille, it is safe. It is not 100% thief-proof. They removed the whole freaking grille!!! I took it for granted that the house was secure and so, laptop at my computer desk out front.... So, BEWARE!!! This is a community service message.

3. Planning and preparing for house moving - you guys know to where-lah....

4. Bf's company just celebrated 1st year anniversary - Happy Anniversary!!!!

5. Got hair colour and perm.... shopping and more shopping... eating and more eating..drinking and more drinking... yada yada yada....

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