Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chocolate Banana Cake

I have been in a cake-baking frenzy since last week. The idea to bake came about when I saw near-full bag of flour and 10 eggs leftover from making croquettes some time back.

Today's chocolate banana cake is the 4th in the span of 1 week. Previous ones were :
#1. Pound Cake
#2. Philly Cream Cheese Pound Cake
#3. Banana Cake

If I were to be a housewife, it wouldn't be a surprising thing. However, that is not so the case.

Anyway, here is the picture of cake immediately after baking. One has to be careful when baking chocolate stuffs. You can't see if they were burnt until much too late.

Am still experimenting with the camera from Barry. Hope to improve my photography skills and take more interesting shots.

The Verdict (Cake) : Reduced too much sugar (to minimize tooth decay - hehe!).... Still palatable though.

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