Monday, November 21, 2005

My First Entry in Second Blog

This is my second blog.

The first is dedicated to record my innermost feelings especially about people. It serves as a catharsis for me to maintain my sanity dealing with unique people like you. Don't take me too seriously. Ha!

Well, you know very well if you had driven me up walls, made me tore precious strands of hair from my head, caused my blood to boil and a host of other physical, psychological and physiological dysfunctions.

This second blog, however, is open to you great people just so that you know the major highlights and lowlights (hopefully not too much) of my day-to-day life.

For a start, I will show you the BEFORE and AFTER haircut picture of Claudia, my poopy.She just had a haircut yesterday. The damage? RM80!!! And my haircut is only about RM35 at the most...

She certainly looked sad in both pictures.

Before : Hair too long - feels hot - too many kinks and knots - painful at times.
After : Short hairstyle unsuitable - looks skinny.
Either way, it spells misery. Aihhhh....


As you can see, life is far from being mundane ;op

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