Monday, November 21, 2005

THE Gown

I went to Mid-Valley Megamall for lunch today.

Main purpose was to get a headstart in getting Christmas cards for friends and loved ones. This year end is going to be very eventful :

1. Christmas is always a special time for me - usually busy getting pressies for nieces and nephews and spending time with them - includes lengthy lecturing too.
2. Going to Perth 25/12/2005-2/1/2006 for a wedding.
3. Barry's birthday - 1st of January.

So, off I went to Memory Lane and got the cards.

Thereafter, I felt really hungry and craved Penang Char Koay Teow. The koay teow at Little Penang Kafe is yummy (if you do not mind waiting about 20 mins).

But, something beautiful caught my eye at Mombai Fashion, a quaint little corner shop just before Little Penang Kafe selling footwear, breathtaking jewellery, knickknacks and to-die-for gowns from India. It was a soft yellow gown.

The same gown in powder blue has been in my mind for past 4 months since I last saw it at the very same window. It was a dress which matches the image of THE perfect evening dress in my mind. Before, I was looking for a gown for the wedding but due to not wanting to spend too much, have decided to wear my gold qipao instead. I had already worn the qipao for another wedding early this year.

I went in again to see if the one in powder blue was still available. It was. And the same charming lady came up to me as I was browsing and fingering some of the amazing gowns hanging on the racks.

She remembered me. Yea, who wouldn't? I was literally drooling as I oohed and aahed about the blue gown.

She urged me to try the gown despite it being a size M - she was confident it would fit me. I didn't dare to the last time as the price tag was a whopping and obscene RMXXX. But, I succumbed this time around.

Bella (I found out her name shortly after) was right! It is perfect. The dress is made of the softest silk and is super long as a formal evening dress should be. The colour is a gradation of dark powder blue at the bodice to a lighter shade at the hem and richly embellished with silverish beads throughout. The back is super low but held together by two criss-crossing silver beaded straps. I felt like a sexy princess wearing it. Not unlike Diane Kruger in Troy.


Not only did I succumb to trying it, I bought it - Bella was sweet to agree on a 10% discount for the gown - seriously, it was to die for!!! And I mean it literally - gotta tighten my belt in next coming months to pay it off. :o(

Next on my to-do list - Need to get 3 1/2 in silver stilettos and crystal chandelier earrings AND get rid of the carpet burn. Just kidding!

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