Friday, March 04, 2011

Tau Yew Bak / Tau Eu Bak (Braised Soya Sauce Pork)

Below is "recipe" with 100% pork belly.

In fact, I use "gut feel" when I cook and this dish is great as one does not have to be precise with the ingredients. Add more salt or soya sauce if want it to be saltier, use a wee bit rock sugar if want a sweetish taste, add more or less dark soya sauce depending on the shade you want.... :)

Ingredients :

600gms pork belly (with skin on) - I bought the ones which they have already cut into about 3 inches in length.
2 tbsp thick soya sauce (I use Cheong Chan Elephant brand cooking caramel - the best cos I am so used to the flavor growing up)
1-2 tbsp light soya sauce (I use TST brand)
1 whole bulb garlic (lightly smashed)
1/2-1 tsp white pepper, personal preference
1 cup water approx.

Method :

1. Heat a pot (if w/o lean meat, I prefer to use non-stick). Otherwise, use a wee bit of sesame oil just to coat the pot to prevent meat sticking
to the sides. Medium heat : Throw in the pork belly and garlic. Stir around until all sides of meat are not pink.

2. Add in both soya sauces and white pepper. Quick stir. Add water. Bring to boil. Continue to cook for about 1/2 hour on medium heat. At this time, I use kitchen scissors to cut to the size I want.

3. Reduce heat to the lowest and continue for another 1/2 hour.
At anytime if water has evaporated too fast, add more water bit by bit. Don't worry if you have added too much, leave it longer on the stove and it will soon evaporate. The longer the meat is braised, the softer and more delicious it gets. That is why it is even better eaten the next day.

Taste, if not salty or peppery enough, you can add a wee bit of salt and more white pepper.

10 mins before serving, add hardboiled eggs, if you like.

The lazy way is to boil water and then add everything in, cook 30 minutes on medium heat, cut the pork, lower heat and braise 30 minutes more.

Serve hot with lots of white rice and sambal belacan (but my personal fav is with cut bird's eye chili).

Options :
1. Use part lean meat + pork belly, pork ribs + pork belly (but use about 2 tbsp sesame oil if mixed with lean meat or pork ribs)
2. Can add eggs, hard tofu or fu chuk 10 minutes before ready.

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