Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pre-wedding Photos : Malacca 8 June 2008

Barry and I have been married for a week today!

Everything went smoothly; from pre-wedding photo shoot in Malacca on 08/06/08 to our civil ceremony on 08/07/08 and our destination wedding in Langkawi 12/07/08.

Here are our pre-wedding photos. We had a lot of fun that day with lil Claudia, our poodle and the photographers. Many thanks to Caleb for helping us with Claudia.

We had long decided on Malacca as we loved its rustic look and feel. Along with its blend of Asian and Western influences, it is the perfect place that very much depicts our union.

Thanks to Fiona Lim of Fifoto Photography and her team for their works of art. Check out their website

Coming up next...... photos of our wedding in Langkawi!


mama bok said...

Congrats..!! karen .. to you and yours..!! you've gotta be the most beautiful bride i've seen so far..!! i love both your wedding dresses..!! they are so awesome..!!! you looked really good in them..!! of course .. Barry look really handsome too..!! Best wishes to you both.. and may you two have a blessed future..!

Anonymous said...


Diary of Kay El said...

Thank you so much mama bok! I just measured my head - it has grown bigger ;o)
I will update blog more often now, I hope (after I have sent out my Thank Yous and caught up with work). Life just gets more interesting.

Thank you too, Anon.
I conveyed the positive comments to our photographer.