Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sneak Peek - Wedding Photos

Fiona Lim of Fifoto posted 28 of our pics from our wedding at Westin Resorts and Spa, Langkawi on her website. Do take a peek (the first 28 pictures are from our wedding) :

Over 110 friends and family celebrated our special day in Langkawi - we were very touched that we have so many people from all over the world so supportive of us to travel the distance and be with us. We thank each and everyone who sent their best wishes.

Barry and I have been very blessed to have found location, music, photographer etc at the first try.

We knew Westin Langkawi would be the ideal location the moment we stepped on its grounds... we liked Fiona even as we laid eyes on her website ooking at her works...

I decided on my wedding dress with Bill Keith and came out of his boutique within 20 mins... his brother who connected us was amazed that I made up my mind so fast..... And the red Chinese silk has been with me for 8 years since I purchased it in Beijing and did not know what to do with it until before the wedding. Thus, the qipao in red.

I fell in love with the white jade necklace with a touch of blue-green amazonite when I first saw it at the jewelry store. And for weeks I would go into the store just to finger and caress it.... wanting to buy but held back by its cost..... I bought it eventually just a day before I left for Langkawi as you can see it on me in the pictures.... and, no regrets.

Our cupcakes were decided over an evening of leisure hanging out with Tina and Scott; with us stuffing ourselves silly with her chocolate cake. And some great friends Elsa and Sai brought them from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi.

12 bottles of Bollinger Brut champagne kindly supplied by the kind people at work while we added on a further 6 bottles.... red wine chosen by a superior who is quite the wine expert and the white by the hotel F & B Director. Barry chose sangria.

I chose the food and flowers and the dresses and the gold bangle for the bridesmaids.... all in a matter of minutes. Barry helped with his input on decor and picked most of the music and Jerry totally helped us with the music for the night while I picked my favourite classical piece, Canon in D by Pachelbel for my wedding march.

Barry selected the wedding vows and Mike Barry, dad of his great friend helped us with it.

Weather was perfect. Sunset was beautiful that day.....

Everybody we spoke to had fun... and so did we.

Everything just fell into place. It was perfect.

We wanted the wedding to reflect us... we wanted to have a classy, elegant, pure, fresh, clean yet fun feel to our wedding. We got all that and more.....

More pics coming soon....

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