Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back from Canada and Bachelorette Party Awaits! 24 May 2008 Part I : Fun at Home!

"Les Girls" threw a bachelorette for me the weekend we got back from Canada. Check out the crown jewel on my tiara and my name tag....
The spread by Elsa - blue cheese dip, baked brie wrapped in filo with dried cranberries, lotsa vegs and cheeses.
Which game are we gonna play? They promised something clean, of course!
See the excited girls before the game.
Close your eyes and don't peek.... says the games mistress, Laura.
Beth gave it a try....
I was totally off the mark.... The painting was in danger....
Elsa's turn... she takes the game seriously... lol!
Quite off the target as well.... Another one missed the mark...
And Janice gave it a go, again with Laura's help.Laura showed the ropes.... she won the game.... no surprise!

Makan time! To fuel the body for a long night out.....Was delicious.... Elsa and Rani was on a high.... We all did.. it was too funny a night.
Rani and Beth plotting the night over wine and cheese... Janice reading out the envelopes with "tasks" for me to perform before we went out... Ooh... you can see Beth and Laura superexcited to see me in action.

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mama bok said...

Welcome back my dear..!! and congrats again..!! i can't wait to hear all about your trip.. :)