Saturday, September 29, 2007

Le Creusot & Beaune - September 2007

Le Creusot is also another work, work, work place. Lunch was at :

Tel: +33 3 85 80 42 00

No pictures as we had some important customers from Korea seated at the next table with the Commercial Director while I was seated just next to the COO.

Anyway, during dinner in Beaune, I was still seated at the same table as the COO but he loosened up a little and encouraged some picture-taking. He even posed with his platter of escargots for me! Nope, his photo is not going to be featured here!
Baby lobster tails
Local jambon slices with melon
Roast duck breast in its jus
Thon Rouge - basically, red tuna
Frog legs... seems to be the French's favourite dish

Personally, I feel that traditional Burgundy dishes are pretty much on the heavy side... on top of that, we had cheese platter each before dessert. Epoisses, a traditional Burgundy cheese is a must-have.
The next day, we had a very quick lunch at Novotel, Beaune where we had the seminar -pretty crappy food....

However, for dinner, we were sent off to Chateau de Mersault for some wine-tasting (of which we got to keep the wine glass as souvenir - a colleague of mine gave me his since he was over the moon with winning the grand prize (REALLY grand prize since the 2nd prize was an Ipod Nano 4GB) for the quiz we took earlier in the afternoon. Told me its better as a pair. Awww.......

We tried 2 types of white wines pre-dinner and another 4 whites + 2 reds at dinner (2 types at each course). Was way too much alcohol for me.... Foie gras, chicken and asparagus terrine - mixed feelings for me this one - love the liver but I don't like savory jelly thingy....
Wrapped veal and morel mushroom on a bed of mash - delicious except that veal was overdone - was told that the whole dinner was catered - that probably explains why.
Cheese platter.... told you it's one of the courses....
Raspberry creme brulee... too tart.. too much sauce....pass.

Back to Le Creusot the next day and just before leaving, we had our dejeuner at :

Le Café du Théâtre
Espace François Mitterrand
tél : +33 3 85 56 19 01

Starter of ham and tomatoes - I skipped mains of steak americain....
Mixed nut creme brulee.... basically, I was creme brulee-ed out...

Fully stuffed! That illustrates how I felt during my time there.

Was glad to finally see Paris again - ahhh! The city! Lighter and contemporary food at last!

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