Saturday, September 29, 2007

Brussels - September 2007

The post on my trip to Europe is long due.....

I didn't take pictures of food onboard as it was midnight flight and I fell asleep as soon as the plane took off - didn't even eat a stick of my favourite satay! I smiled sheepishly at the air stewardess when she said "Ms Lim, you slept like a baby." on waking up. I do wonder sometimes if I snore...

I will start with Brussels. We left for Brussels as soon as we reached Charles de Gaulle. First stop, breakfast!

We took a short stroll from the hotel in Brussels and stopped at Perle Noir for a cuppa, some croissants and juice to jumpstart the day.

For lunch, I made plans with Cecile, whose husband works for Le Monde to meet up and she brought her cousin. The best thing about dining out here is that establishments are extremely well-versed in splitting bills. Probably in Asia, EVERYONE always seem to be offering to pay the whole bill!

Resto Lola :

Tourelle de crabe, remoulade de céleri rave, tomates séchées
15,00 €
Tomate aux crevettes grises
9,00 €Croquette de crevettes grises (one of my favs!) - love it!
13,00 €
Tranches de filet pur, roquette et parmesan, pommes grenailles
18,00 €
Foie gras d'oie maison 'cuit au torchon', oignons confits au Porto, raisins sec
17,00 € - Though I love foie gras, I can't take too much of it cold... and it definitely was too big for me esp. with the jetlag...
Fricassée de volaille aux morilles, tagliatelles (Irene ordered this and loved it esp. the shrooms)
22,00 €
For dinner, we went to Aux Armes des Bruxelles for their Bisque de Homard (Lobster Bisque), Cocktail de Homard (Lobster Cocktail) and Sole Meunière. If you like seafood, this is one of the places to be. No pictures as seats were pretty close to other restaurant guests on our right and left. Further, by dinner time, we were ready to fall asleep on our plates.

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mama bok said...

Lucky you ..! went to Brussel..! i was only there very briefly.. but that was 10 yrs ago.. ;)