Friday, August 22, 2008

Taiwan and Japan - August 2008

Barely a month after our wedding, I had to go back to work traveling....

First stop Kaohsiung followed by Taipei before continuing my journey to Nara, Japan.

I was craving dishes from this lil place in Laohsiung which serves everything cow - head to tail. Too bad, I was ill the moment I arrived Taiwan until I left Japan (so, many restos' name elduded me). Imagine fever, gastroenteritis and colitis for a week! My fault..... I saw the doctor in Kaohsiung but I didn't start on the medication until I got home since I had to drink every night.

I do not mix medication with alcohol..... for fear of not ever waking up in some hotel somewhere. Of course, I got a nice dose from my Dr Barry when I got home for not putting my health first.

One of my lunches : pasta (very delicious though!) Food onboard JAL : Taipei to Kansai Airport
MAS : Kansai to KL (of course the usual chicken and beef satay were served first)
Main course..... and thereafter lil sushi were served just before landing.

I liked Tutto Bello in Taipei where I had :

a. Pumpkin and Truffle Cappuccino with Crispy Pumpkin Gnocchi (oh, what a comfort to my tummy!)

b. Challans Duck Fillet with Fine Herbs, Plum Juice and Aged Balsamic Vinegar (ok, a tad heavy for the tummy)

c. Warmed chocolate cake with almond ice-cream (I changed from tiramisu ice-cream)

Other nice places were the Club Floor of Splendor Hotel, Kaohsiung where we had teppanyaki and shabu-shabu at HSR station in Taipei.

No picture tho.....

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