Saturday, August 09, 2008


Along with the opening ceremony of Olympic Games in Beijing, news abuzz that many got married on this date : either the number combo looks great, or 8 being a lucky number esp. to Chinese or it's just to have an anniversary date which is easy (or easier) to remember.

I am not superstitious but I do not pooh-pooh at the belief of some people AND I really have to share a part of an awesome news.

Barry and I got back from work on 08.08.08. Both dead tired. And myself, stressed as my nephew is leaving for UK to pursue his lifelong dream (am not kidding) to be a doctor yet there is a lot of costs to be looked into.....And I know that he is still actively seeking financial assistance. I wished I could help totally but thdre is a long way more to go..... I just hope that God sees his determination and efforts (great kid - just graduated pre-u and made it to the Dean's list cum laude!) and things will be easier on him with a good scholarship.

Anyway, as usual, we will check the mailbox on the way up to our condo. As the envelope was nicer than usual, I ripped it open the soonest as we reached home.

And.... it was a letter and a form. Letter states that I've got a free something real nice and superkool worth almost RM2000. No commitments, no purchase, no signing on anything, no scam...all I needed to do was to call to them to confirm choice of item (out of 2 options) and collection location with the form duly filled. All because I was loyal to the service of that company for past 10 years (giving them quite good business too)!!

Surreal.... a rare surprise of a "loyalty programme".

I. am. just. thankful.

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Awesome..!! on congrats..!