Monday, March 24, 2008

Taking a Break from Blogging....

My plate is so full! Yup, that applies to life as well....

Juggling an upcoming wedding, work (incl. work travels), purchase of new home, mom and family, my dog, friends etc. etc.

I still eat... a lot... still take pictures of food... it's just that transferring the pictures from camera to pc is also too much work at the moment, let alone uploading them. Hee... lazy me...

Some updates :

1. I have finally made a decision on my wedding dress design and its now being made - first fitting early April (phew!). I had been sitting on deciding the design until Barry's friend asked if I would like to see his brother, a designer. Shoes also by him. (phew! phew! what a relief!) More later in July after the wedding.
2. I have also finally made decision on my Chinese dress (qi pao) - first fitting also early April.
3. I have again, also decided on the gown fo our pre-wedding photo shoot in Malacca (because I cannot show the groom my actual wedding dress).
4. Of course, photographers booked!
5. Wedding invitation cards being printed; First actual sample out this Wednesday - it took long as we were itchy-bottomed enough to design our own. Our printer who happens to be my sis finally sees the perfectionist me at work. Ha!
6. Barry looked up online and found a wedding organiser program (bless him!) - so, we have entered all the guests (addresses soon, I hope).
7. Flights and hotels booked for self and family members to Langkawi for the wedding.
8. We are excited about getting keys to our new home (hopefully before the wedding so that reno can start immediately after the wedding).
9. Mom just finished 2nd chemo - 4 more to go - chemo has been hard on her - I know she tries to remain strong but the drugs were just too much for her body - was admitted to hospital 4 days after chemo for 3 days. Past few days have been spent with her at the hospital - not easy to see her suffer.....she is still not quite ok yet - whenever I see my brother or sis-in-law's phone number appearing, I feel my heart tightening up, hoping and praying hard that everything's fine.

20 to 25 April 2008 - I will be in Marseille, France for work training
26 April 2008 in the evening - arrive home to KL
27 April 2008 evening - leave for Vancouver (urrgh... I might as well live in the airplane....)
19 May 2008 - back to KL from Canada on (that's a whole freaking month being away from home!). My poor lil doggy.....
8 June 2008 - pre-wedding photoshoot
1 July 2008 - guests start arriving from Canada
12 July 2008 - WEDDING! I hope my mom is strong enough on that day as she has promised to attend.

So, very lil or zero blogging from now onwards until after the wedding.......


mama bok said...

Oh my..!!! you do have your plates full.. gal..!! but i'm so excited for you ..!! i bet you are gonna be the most beautiful bride ever..!!! Congrats again..!! and donch forget to send me pictures of you .. in your wedding dress.. and qi pao.. ;)
I wanna show off to the "ang mohs" here.. ;)

irenekay said...

Remember to keep all those planning, dresses stuff so maybe I'll jus nick it off you when is my turn..seeing all the planning making me think twice.... Yes I think I'll be a lazy Bride

Will try to meet up before your traveling bit if not probably will only see u in July 12th....*gasp*