Sunday, May 20, 2007

Travel Notice

After a month plus of traveling hiatus, I will leave for Japan on 22 May 2007. This time, I will be going to Tokyo (again! - will get some macarons from Pierre Herme or Joel Robuchon if I can squeeze in the time), Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Kobe. It does sound crazy for a 6-day trip but c'est la vie (at least for me)!

I do like Japan a lot, with their emphasis on quality and service, the Japanese are so meticulous. Oh, I remember the superb quality of Belgian chocolates which tasted better than those in Belgium - I won't mention names.

I have made up my mind to stay in a ryokan in Kyoto, maybe go for a dip at the onsen if time permits.... So much to do, so little time....

Next, Bintan Island 18-20 June 2007 for regional meeting and I have not decided if I would go to Europe before June ends since I will definitely be going this September and again in November. I am looking forward to the trip in November for a symposium which will end with gala night/grand dinner at Clos Vougeot, a chateau near Dijon, France. But, I will not and cannot get drunk despite the famous wines which will be making their appearances since I am my big customers' chaperone.

In addition, we are going to Langkawi again in July with friends.

And there will be the usual short trips within Asia now and then.

Hope to write about Kyoto when back.

P/S : I was frantically trying to book stay at ryokan even with help from the Japanese partners (cos a lot of them speak no English) to no avail - 2 of those I called said that to get a ryokan for 1 person is very, very difficult.

P/P/S : On macarons, I didn't manage to get them this trip as I had to go Kyoto/Osaka area but will do so next as I believe I would have more time in Tokyo then. I was very disappointed with myself nonetheless.


mama bok said...

Wow..!! you are busy..!! but enjoy it.. ;)

k.t.x said...

r u frm usm, bakti? mgmnt? mass comm? if u r, it is so good to c blogging here.

Diary of Kay El said...

mama bok - thank you, i had a great trip and you are right about the busy part...
k.t.x - yes, yes, no, yes. and what about you?

ivan said...

Noooooooo! I am going a roadtrip up to KL eating all the way!

Will be heading for El Cerdor in KL for a Pig (ha!) Out.

Diary of Kay El said...

Wow! YOU heading to humble KL for pork-tasting???! You, carnivore, you! BTW, I found that Tokyo has a lot of such "specialty" restos : so far, have tried the "all-pork", "all-chicken" and "all-tofu" one... Have a safe and great trip. Look forward to read your post on El Cerdo!