Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day : Lunch at New Harvest Restaurant

For mom's day, we (her 5 kids and family) would usually organise a meal together. Actually, hanging out with mom is something which we do all the time and especially for mom's day, there is no exception.

Mom loves going out with us, loves seeing her kids doing stuffs together - the more, the merrier! But sometimes, we have to do it separately, this year for example.

We (my 2nd sis' family & I) had a lovely lunch with my mom yesterday for an early mom's day celebration. She will have dinner tonight with my 2nd bro and subsequently some outings with another bro and sis over the next few days.

For lunch yesterday, my bro-in-law made reservation at New Harvest Restaurant in Klang. The below are some of the dishes we had :

Crabmeat and Pine Nuts Wrap - I was very surprised to see the generous amount of toasted pine nuts (expensive stuff) atop the crabmeat, eggs and turnip (for crunch) combo which we wrapped in crisp, fresh lettuce. Delicious with the chilli sauce that came with it.

Next, came the sharksfin soup - I didn't take any picture as sharksfin soup being sharksfin soup, they do not usually differ much in the looks factor. Nothing extraordinary. Crispy Grouper Slices in Butter Sauce - I don't normally like "saucy" dishes but I simpley loved this one because the slices of grouper fish were simply crispy and the fragrant sauce really complemented the fish well (can tell fish were fresh - no fishy smell at all!).
Noodles dish is a must for every of our celebration as it symbolises longevity. We had river prawns noodles. Again, freshness of the seafood was detected. The broth was just right in consistency and deliciously flavoured by the prawns.
Mushrooms and Broccoli Vegetarian Combo - A nice, light addition to our meal to fulfill our veg. intake requirements.
My favourites : black sesame glutinous rice balls - we ordered 2 variants, dry and in ginger soup version. Personally, I prefer these balls in soup though at New Harvest, the soup was not made with brown sugar which I prefer. There was a slight hint of bitter taste to the balls dry version which I believe came from the skin of ground almonds used to coat the balls. Nonetheless, the balls themselves were great.

We had a very good dining experience at New Harvest. Definitely great food at very reasonable prices. And most importantly, mom enjoyed it!

New Harvest Restaurant Sdn Bhd

19 Jalan Goh Hock Huat, 41400 Klang, Selangor DE (In front of Court's Mammoth)

Tel : 03-3345 2288



tankiasu said...

Oh black sesame glutinous rice balls. Long time never had them. I drive to Klang pretty often, but no idea where is Jln Goh Hock Huat. :P

Diary of Kay El said...

Its around area of Ocean Supermarket, Klang. I got a map which may give some idea (hope this helps) :