Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Own Little Earring Stand!!!!

Sunny and Irene came by today and look at what they have brought along!!! An earring stand!Been wanting this since mid-year.... it's the most amazing thing to own if you have loads of earrings!

Disorganization drives me mental and this baby organizes. It's also a beauty on the dressing table. It's made of bronze-y metal (not sure the exact alloy though) and design ischarmingly simple....simply charming.

Holds up to 128 pairs of earrings!

No excuse not to rotate them earrings!

Great excuse to buy more earrings!

Now, I do not have to go through all my jewellery boxes to find the right pair of earrings. Perfect when in a rush. Love it!

Thanks heaps, guys!

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