Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wedding Invitation!


We have sent out a number of batches of invitation cards for our big, special day this week by post - I am so relieved! Just left a few to be handed out.

Barry did a lot to come up with the design working with Adobe Illustrator- All I did was to say "Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes, No, Yes" at the appropriate moment while he was at the PC plus making the mock-up out of an old brown paper shopping bag.

We wanted a card that would give a "beachy" yet casual, classy feel (I know, that's a lot to ask for), thus the starfish motif and satin ribbons.

To make the starfish stand out better, we used earth tones for the card - mocha and cream. We picked the paper and envelopes from the samples that my eldest sis, Evelyn provided. Papers are of the textured type instead of smooth - think sandy beaches...

She also sent the cards to be blank embossed with the "double happiness" character in Chinese within a heart - East meets West concept, ha!

The cards were then lovingly printed, folded, cut and glued together by my sis (thanks huge!). There is even a pocket to hold RSVP contact details and dress code (Barry's idea!).

I did the gluing and tying of ribbons (Shio, thanks for the info on ribbons supplier) - took us the whole weekend with the ribbons, address-printing and licking the envelopes (just kidding - did you guys not watch Seinfeld; the episode about George's fiancee?) but we just loved adding the finishing touches to the cards ;o)

I just love the card and am very proud to send them out. Pocket, RSVP contact details and dress code
"Double Happiness" - very common on Chinese wedding invitation cards (normally red or pink)
Barry and me

Approx. 3 more months to the big day!


mama bok said...

Pretty..!! i likey..!!
Congrats again.. my dear..!! barry is a very lucky man..!!

ivan said...

Hey! 'grats!

Amy said...

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spunkeymonkey78 said...

hey Karen!.i apologize for not being in touch more often. Too much stuff on my plate,i wish i could tell you more.Even work visa is delayed and may leave only in June. Although i do hope i'll get your wedding weekend off, it does not look likely:(. Will try my UTMOST best though.Congrats again Karen.

Anonymous said...

How did you emboss the "double happiness" character in Chinese within a heart?

Diary of Kay El said...

It was done by my sister, who wons a printing company. I believe they made a mold for it. Brgds,

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!. Do you know where I can buy the mold for it? It looks awesome. I searched online but no luck =(.

Diary of Kay El said...

The mold has to be custom-made by the moldmaker. any printer can get this embossing done for you.