Saturday, July 14, 2007

EEST COOKS - Best EEST Dim Sum Favorites

I went for a cooking lesson at EEST, Westin KL today with May. May texted me excitedly about this event yesterday and when I found out about the price and less 50% some more, I said yes straight-away (finally, courtesy of May, I didn't have to pay a single cent - very paiseh lor...)

We were given the recipes of the 3 dishes we learnt, an apron and a certificate as part of the course package.

There were 7 of us in the class. We were offered hot drinks to start our morning before the cooking class. May and I had a blast of a time! It was totally fun as we tried our hands at shaping the dumplings. Some really out-of-shape but others came out pretty well....Not easy to shape them, mind you...

May having a fun time. Class started at 10am and finished by about 12pm and we then had our dim sum lunch. We learnt to make the 3 dim sum favourites below :

1. Chicken and Prawn Dumpling and Topped with Sea Urchin Roe (basically, a dressed-up Siew Mai topped also with tobiko) 2. Scallop and Taro Wu Gok Style (Wu Gok's better alter ego - looked like pie tee but tastes like wu gok - drizzled with white miso and topped with tobiko)
3. Prawn Dumpling with Black Truffle ("Black-tie affair Har Gow" - see the black truffles through the translucent skin? They lent a very subtle fragrance and added a new dimension to the prawn dumpling )
Pictures above were taken during our lunch - these dim sum were made by EEST staff as those made by us were not "perfect" yet). BEAUTIFUL, aren't they? Dim sum at EEST were delicious and of fresh and quality ingredients.

The best part of this class for me was that I finally learnt about wheat starch flour, potato flour, windmill flour etc. etc. flour.... I was completely "floured".

We also learnt not just the art of shaping the dumplings but to make the filling for those 3 dumplings and also the taro pastry for wu gok and skin for the har gow from scratch.

I took videos of the har gow skin-making and shaping session but I haven't learnt to upload them in Blogger yet....

We were also served other types of dim sum which were part of their buffet selection. Now, for the full run-down of our lunch... (1 piece per item per person) Appetisers of fried wontons, sushi roll, spicy edamame, spicy squid salad
Char siew sou - of chicken filling because EEST serves halal food

I also ta-paued the sou as they were the best I have ever had. Barry had 3 pieces at one go! That, means he was impressed!Phoenix talons aka Chicken feet in bean sauceFried beancurd skin roll
Seafood udon - flavourful with a bit of spice for a kick.

For dessert, I think there was 4 or 5 to choose from but 3 out of 5 person at our table chose the durian ice-cream. So, I only managed to take pics of 3 kinds of dessert.
Green tea ice-cream with red bean paste
Durian ice-cream with tapai glutinous rice - full of durian goodness!
Mango pudding

Coffee or tea to finish off the lovely meal....

I hope to attend more of the classes (always 3 dishes) which are held once every fortnight.


mama bok said...

That's so cool..!! and you should go for cooking classes.. if you are planning to ever move to canada .. sometime in the future.. ;)

Diary of Kay El said...

and when i do, maybe invite u over for a meal or two sometime... ;o)

Anonymous said...

im jessica, korean,
im so interested in this cooking class tht u have been
could u pls tell me more details of this class?
its held in KL right?
i want to attend it with my bf..
if u are free enough pls leave
me a email.

89 said...

May I know where to learn this?
Plz advised...Thanks^^

89 said...

May I know where to learn this ?
I really like to cook..Plz advised..Thanks ^^

Anonymous said...

hi lady, i'm very interested in cooking. Could you please advice where can I find all these classes that you had been? If you know any cooking school in KL that would be perfect. Please kindly drop me an email at Thanks.